Here are some reasons:

SEO drives targeted traffic to your website. SEO receives more clicks compared to ads. Good SEO is directly related to a better user experience. You get higher ROI compared to other marketing channels. You generate regular organic leads.

A comprehensive SEO plan includes both creative and technical elements. We make sure that one doesn’t come at the sacrifice of another, and provide the resources—plus hands-on service—across all of the core elements.  

Market research
Content strategy
Technical SEO
On-page SEO
Off-page SEO

Book a free, no-strings-attached call with a Kayilan SEO strategist to learn how SEO can give your company an edge.

  • Get leads WITHOUT paying for promoted placement. Use organic search results to build trust and familiarity with users.
  • Enjoy the authority of ranking better than your competitors among the organic search results and on the Map.
  • Better ROI than Google Ads, Facebook Ads and any other marketing strategy.
  • Local SEO smoothly integrates with a Google Ads strategy. A dual-pronged approach is great for growing your business!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an incredibly complex process that requires a great deal of expertise, time, and effort. You can do all the advertising and promotion you want, but if your website is not showing up on search engines, you won’t get any visitors and acquire qualified leads. From a lack of optimization to Google penalties, there could be many technical issues with your website that require the intervention of an SEO specialist. And that is where Kayilan SEO Service Chennai Digital steps in! We are a one-stop destination you can count on to beef up your SEO game. With our proven SEO techniques and strategies, you can reach your targeted audiences and start generating leads and revenue. Our dynamic team works with businesses in Chennai SEO Agency, to grow their traffic and increase website rankings, converting the qualified leads of your target audiences.

Our SEO consultants will identify and address all technical issues and ensure your site meets Google’s ranking algorithms and quality guidelines. Additionally, we will optimize all the elements and content of your website to deliver exceptional digital experiences for your brand.


Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram and Pinterest Ads, Content marketing and more.

Video Marketing

Video development and online promotion through various social media platforms.

Brand Exposure

Increase brand exposure and awareness with your current and potential customers.

Google Maps

Monthly Google My Business management, optimization, content submission and more.

Graphic Design

Custom graphics and images that present the professional side of your business.

Web design

Custom web design that impresses your website visitors and keeps them engaged.

Web Programming

Add custom features to your website with professional web programming services.

Our package includes a range of SEO services and our team of experienced professionals with excellent know-how in web promotion techniques perform it effectively. Our key services cover

  • Initial site analysis and competitive analysis
  • Keyword research and implementation
  • SEO content development and copywriting
  • Optimization with title, meta, and header tags
  • Link popularity building
  • Localized optimization and blogging
  • Business Directory Listing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social Media Optimization

SEM will deliver quality leads – Successful Search engine marketing campaigns will attract people who are actively looking for your product or service. So the chance of conversion in SEM leads is high comparing with other strategies.

SEM will give you quick results – Unlike SEO, Search Engine Marketing campaigns will start giving you results in a day or two, which means it is the easiest way generate more sales and revenue in a short period of time. This technique is often used as a short-term strategy bringing fast visibility to your products or services.

SEM is more cost effective – Comparing with other digital marketing strategies, SEM is one method that gives you maximum convertible leads with in the budget you set. Because of this reason even small business owners and entrepreneurs can also invest in SEM.  

SEM let you create Geo-targeted Ads- SEM gives you the option to target people based on their geographic location. We can create ads in different languages and decide where you want them to appear. Which means we can target the country, the city and even a specific region anywhere in the world for displaying your ads.

Cost Optimization via PPC Ads- In SEM, we have an option for PPC (Pay-Per-Click Campaigns). Once your PPC ads are created, ads will appear for free and you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Therefore, you can get a free exposure and brand awareness on search engines and get charged only when somebody clicks on your ad hence visiting your landing page.

Enjoy the best practices of top notch SEO standards with the right blend of search engineering. We have made this service model including all our AI techniques which we blend with SEO to achieve greater success.

Kayilan SEO Service Chennai team strives to keep itself updated with latest trends and Kayilan SEO  in online marketing industry. The services we provide incorporate local, global and express SEO packages.

  • We are committed to deliver affordable SEO services by taking care of the deadlines provided to us.
  • We dedicatedly engage and involve ourselves in the project up to its completion and even after that.
  • We offer 24*7 support services to come up with prompt solutions for any issue.
  • Our dedicated SEO experts adopt optimization tactics according to the latest trends in the industry.
  • We have 100 percent record of client satisfaction in SEO services.
  • We aim to generate leads for your business within the decided timeframe with thorough and steadfast analysis process