Here’s how content marketing and SEO

Content Marketing and SEO

• SEO can’t work not including content. It needs keywords, words and articles. Content promotion supplies that, bearing in mind the requirements first established by SEO. Think of content marketing as a practical application of SEO in the form of content.
• SEO is base on keywords. SEO expert dedicate a lot of time to researching and utilizing keywords. But how can they apply these keywords? filling websites with keywords doesn’t lead anywhere; search engines are absolutely aware of these tactics and often punish sites that do so. The safest solution is content marketing. Content marketing means producing content which is written for humans to enjoy but also targeting particular keywords.
• SEO needs backlinks. One of the most commanding SEO tactics is link building. Having a high-authority website or portal include a link to your site is a huge boost. There are two ways in which you can get back links: by writing incredible content and hoping someone links to it or by using platforms like marketing that help reach author successfully.

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